Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - We Should All Be Feminists


Adichie delivers her ideas so articulately it's hard to imagine anyone being able to disagree with her-- such a clear thinker and talented writer. This book is a slightly edited version of her Ted Talk . There are lots of really quotable passages, and I'll add a few, but just read or watch it. 


"Some people ask: 'Why the word feminist? Why not just say you are a believer in human rights, or something like that?' Because that would be ... a way of pretending that it was not women who have, for centuries, been excluded. It would be a way of denying that the problem of gender targets women."

"Masculinity is a hard, small cage, and we put boys inside this cage."

"But by far the worst thing we do to males — by making them feel they have to be hard — is that we leave them with very fragile egos. The harder a man feels compelled to be, the weaker his ego is."

"My own definition of a feminist is a man or a woman who says, yes, there’s a problem with gender as it is today and we must fix it, we must do better. All of us, women and men, must do better."