Grey Watsons & the Visions - Soul of Machine - LIVE AT UNION STUDIO

We've had this song in the bank for a little while now but I didn't really see it as fitting for the album we're making. It's just too different stylistically. We've played it live several times and it has a lot of energy, so we enjoyed playing and it got a strong reaction from audiences. As Ethan Waddell's return to the US to attend a grad program in Chicago quickly approached, I wanted to get us on video in our element and this seemed like the perfect song to capture. 

Ethan's style and ability thrives in this tune, as usual. The synth line in the spaces of the verse answer the vocals. His guitar harmonies in the bridge bring the riffs vigor. John Wade's bass bombasts through the song, particularly in the outro which is the whole latter half of the song. The bass leads the charge of that textural-sic-fi improvised jam. Brad Wheeler's floor tom-heavy beats anchor the whole thing and hurl each section into the next. Brad is also responsible for recording and mixing the track. I'm constantly amazed at what he can do behind the boards, continually taking what I think is "fine" and making it sound much better than I realized was possible.

Prior to writing this I'd read several things about singularity and what might happen when machines are more capable of humans at running. Machines can beat us at chess. They're better in factories, and more recently, used in fast food chains. I don't have a defined opinion but I like the question. I listened to an interview with Yuval Hariri who asked a pointed question. In essence, considering how we've treated other beings on the planet we consider 'inferior' to us, how will we be treated when we're no longer the 'superior' beings? 

Finally, the video was shot by Hyeij Beak and Bannie Park. Hyeji edited the video and tried to make us look as cool as possible.